If the alert crawl at the bottom of the screen includes audio whereby the entire text of the alert is ‘read’, then your TV is set to the SAP audio channel. The FCC requires that all severe weather alerts crawled across the screen have an accompanying audio that ‘reads’ the alerts word for word. This feature is only enabled on the SAP audio channel; the standard audio channel does not have this. Some networks will use the SAP channel for Spanish-language broadcasts, but otherwise the SAP channel would typically sound the same as the standard audio channel. Switching from the SAP channel back to the standard audio channel will stop the continuous reading of the alerts.

For other audio or closed captioning issues, please fill out a new support ticket and provide your zip code, cable or satellite provider, and which local city or town you see during Local on the 8s and/or at the bottom of the screen and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can create a new support ticket via this link: http://feedback.weathergroup.com/support/tickets/new